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We started this site out of a love for travel and a love for the Earth. We don’t own this planet – we are lucky enough to be guests here for a while and it’s up to us to take care of the spinning mass of rock and water that we call home.

As the custodians of the Earth, we should enjoy the massive beauty all around us while we still can, since let’s face it folks: our planet is dying. We can all take steps to try to prevent it as much as possible, but eventually the beauty of this world will be gone.

So put down your smart phone and computers and get out there! Go plant a tree or climb a mountain! And hopefully we’ll provide you with some tips and insight as to how.

A passion for travel, a lust for adventure, and a commitment to creating a more eco-friendly world. Providing guides and advice from my travels around the world.

Full-time RVer! Digital marketer exploring the world with her dog Trixie, living the nomadic lifestyle.

An Earth conscious recycling fanatic trying to defeat the trash lord! Check out some of his Recy-Cuyle video content above.

An animal loving, health conscious vegan! Check out some of her thought on being vegan in the videos above.

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