Travel ideas and travel guides for Iceland - the land of waterfalls and lava.


Things To Do During a Layover in Iceland

Reykjavik-Keflavik International Airport is a common layover stop for planes flying from the U.S. to Europe and vice versa. Iceland is an immensely beautiful country full of landscapes you can't find anywhere else such...

Top 5 Iceland Waterfalls: The Best, Biggest & Least Crowded

Some of the most awe-inspiring and eye catching features of Iceland are it's waterfalls. They seem to be literally everything. Driving along Route 1, it's a borage of waterfall after waterfall. And not only...

Svartifoss Waterfall Hiking Guide

Svartifoss is like no other waterfall I've ever seen. This is entirely due to the black basalt rock formations that surround it, creating a stunning visual motif. When hiking along the ridgeline approaching Svartifoss...

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