When buying gifts for the outdoor adventurer in your life, they more than like have a lot of hiking, camping, or backpacking gear that they already know and love. Don’t get them more of the same. Let’s face it: majority of “best hiking gifts” blogs out there are all full of generic similar stuff that any avid hiker or camper already has or would rather pick out for themselves (like tents, sleeping bags, clothes, socks etc.). Believe me, I checked….


Plus you don’t really want to get that stuff for someone as a gift right? I mean, who wants to get or give socks as a gift? That’s not sexy or fun. So if you want to get something outdoors or adventure related, get them something different that’s either cute or useful and isn’t already in their pack!

These gift ideas are things that either I’ve tried and loved; or something that looks amazingly fun and I really want to try; or something that’s a big time or space saver and combines multiple other products into one; or something that’s pretty cool but I wouldn’t buy it for myself over an essential item (which is why it makes a great gift!)

Under $10

  • Tenacious Tape For Fabric Repair – $5

    There’s nothing worst than busting a seam when on the trail miles and hours away from civilization. I’ve personally lost half a shoe on a trail and would have had a much better time if I had this tape to hold them together. It’s lightweight and doesn’t take up much space in a pack and more than likely not something that yours outdoorsy friend already has. Get it here.

  • Glow In The Dark Tent Rope – $8

    More appropriate for camping than for backpacking. Use it for staking out the tent so that later on in the night no one will trip over the tent ropes. Also use it to hand hammock of clothes lines without worrying about anyone running into the line later that night. Get it here.

  • Squeezable Water Filtration System – $10

    Most hikers and backpackers will have some sort of water filtration system already, but one of the negatives of most of those systems is that they aren’t squeezable. You have to suck on them in order to get the water. Might seem like a minor difference, but when you’re tired and thirsty, its much more convenient to have the equivalent of a Capri Sun squeezable container rather than having for work for your water. Get it here.

  • Magical Colored Fire – $10

    Not practical in any way but very fun. Not backpackers as you wouldn’t want to carry the extra weight of the logs, but for avid campers, it’s a fun and entertaining way to spice up a typical campfire. Get it here.


Under $25

  • BugLit LED Micro Flashlight – $14

    Any hiker or backpacker will already have a flashlight or headlight in their pack, but these little BugLites are not only adorable, but the legs can easily be adjusted to make it attach to almost any surface in any direction. Get it here.

  • Inflatable Solar Light – $14

    I absolutely love these for backpacking. They weigh almost nothing and no batteries needed. Inflate the lights, let the sun charge them up, and wha-la! Instant camp lanterns. Not as powerful a glow as a traditional LED lantern, but I’ll take the dimmer light to save a few pounds in my pack any day. Get it here.

  • Solar Powered Heated Shower – $15

    Most backpackers that go on long trips will have some sort of a shower with them already, or they’ll just use water or wipes for bathing, but do they have a HEATED shower? This guy uses solar energy to heat the water before it’s used for the shower. It’s not piping hot like you’d get a home, but it’s better than freezing river water. Get it here.

  • Personal Water Filtration Straw – $16

    Most backpackers have some form of filtration device already – tablets, bottles, etc. but the filtration straw is unique in that it allows the hiker to drink directly and instantly from any water source. Very convenient and handy! Get it here.

  • HERO Clip – $20

    A seriously handy multi-purposed tool. Use it to hang trash bags or food bags on branches to keep them off the ground or to secure things together. The rotating hook makes it easy to attach the carabiner in almost any direct to almost any surface. Get it here.

  • Water-Resistant Blanket That Fits on a Keychain – $20

    So tiny! It’s a mega space saver. There is a pocket-sized version as well. Having the luxury of carrying a water-resistant blanket around with you anywhere you go literally on your key chain is pretty damn awesome. Get it here.

  • Solar Battery Charger With USB – $20

    A step above a regular extra charger that most hikers probably already have. This charger is rechargeable via the sun, so you basically have an endless supply of battery power for your devices. Get it here.


  • Belt With Hidden Wallet – $21

    Security is definitely a bit of a concern on the trail. While the majority of other travelers abide by a code of ethics, occasionally some do not. No one wants to carry around one of those giant wallets you keep passports in that feels like the fany-pack your mom use to wear. This belt won’t hold all of your credit cards, but it does secretly hide all of your cash. Get it here.

  • eVac Dry Sack – $23

    Waterproof… from the outside. Keeps water from getting in while allowing it to get out. The perfect thing to dry wet clothes while keeping them in your pack. Put wet clothes in the sack, it allows the water to evaporate while keeping them separated from everything else in the pack and won’t allow water to get in. Get it here.

  • Hand Warmer & Charger – $23

    Hand warmers are great when hiking in cool climates or the desert where it gets cold at night. This hand warmer also doubles as a charger for any device you can connect to it via USB. Get it here.

  • Camera Lens Set – $25

    Part of exploring the outdoors is snapping photos of the beauty you experience. Everyone has a smartphone with a camera. Adding a camera lens set that easily attaches to any smartphone is a great way to take your standard photos up a notch. Get it here.

Under $50

  • Yeti Temperature Proof Tumbler – $30

    This is better than any other mug that your camping friends already have because the “MagSlider” is a magnetized lid which makes it easier to keep all of the liquid inside secured from spilling. It also a double insulated tumbler, which keeps drinks cold or hot for much longer than other mugs. Get it here.

  • Smartphone Night Vision – $33

    How fun is this! Turn your smart phone into night vision goggles! It’s a great zoom lens magnifier also, but I’m more excited about the night vision part of it. Being able to see or take photos of the woods around you at night would be a super cool capability.Get it here.


  • Portable Laundry System – $46

    For backpackers that go on long trips, this is an excellent gift. Lots of backpackers get use to being dirty or will wash clothing in streams or rivers they come across. This laundry system allows for much easier and more convenient washing and it’s completely portable. Pair it with the eVac dry sack above and you’re good to go! Get it here.

Under $75

  • 20-in-1 Survival Axe Multi-tool – $60

    More for campers and hikers than backpackers as you wouldn’t want to lug this heavy thing around with you for days on end. But this tool is immensely helpful when being adventurous and outdoorsy. This multi-tool can literally do anything – even help you survive in a zombie apocalypse. Get it here.

  • Ultralight & Fold-Up Chair – $60

    Most backpackers will forgo bringing a chair with them on long hikes. The extra weight and space just isn’t worth it. But this chair makes it totally worth it! It’s super light and super tiny and has a back! The closes equivalent are those small three legs stools which aren’t very comfortable. This guy weights about the same and takes up the same space, but comes with a back for better reclining. Get it here.

  • 35mi Range Walkie-Talkies – $65

    A great safety feature or a for fun communication device for hikers backpacking together at a distance. Lots of times getting away from cell service is half the point of disappearing into the outdoors, which makes communicating with other campers difficult. These walkie-talkie radios take care of that issue. Get it here.

Around $100

  • Lightweight External Hard Drive – $98

    What to do with all of the photos and videos that have been taken with all of the portable chargers and fancy camera lenses? No smartphone has unlimited space, which is where these portable hard drives come in. This one is as lightweight as it comes, the best you’re gonna find when adventuring in the woods. Get it here.

  • Camping Stove With USB Charger – $99

    Combo of two products in one! Your friend or family member already has a camp stove if they’ve spent any time backpacking, but this stove doubles as a USB charger as well! Replace two old devices with this one new multi- purpose awesome one! Get it here.

  • Fire Covering Blanket – $150

    If you’re camping out in the middle of no where this blanket is pretty damn awesome. No one wants to wake up and make a fire at 6am just to get some hot coffee. This blanket will keep your coals burning all night so that they can be used the next morning without causing any fire safety issues. The camp fire stays completely safe and protected all night or while you’re off on a day hike and makes it easier to start the fire back up again when you’re ready. It can also be used to protect your fire from rain, or to extinguish it quickly without using water. Get it Here.

If you’re buying for a new backpacker or hiker, check out our essential backpacking list here – they should have all of this stuff in their packs, and if they don’t, then anything on this list would be an awesome gift. Or if you want to see what NOT to get for an experienced backpacker or hiker, then you should look at that list too since they more than likely already have all this stuff.

P.S – If anyone wants to buy me any of these things, I’m more than happy to have them!

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