This Southwestern chick’n foil packet recipe is so easy and so tasty! It’s so good that we’ve even started to make it at home! These are really yummy and pretty healthy – a nice departure from most camp food which is often carb-based. Plus most if it comes from a can! I use fake chick’n since I’m vegetarian and my fiance uses real chicken since he eats meat – there’s no “wrong way” to make this meal.


Ingredients (for 2 packets):

  • Chick’n of choice – I prefer Quorn either the chick’n cutlets or the bite sized pieces are also good, but you can really use whatever type of chick’n you want.
    • 1 15-oz can black beans
      • 1 15-oz can of sweet corn
        • Chili powder
          • Salsa – I like to go for medium so that it has a little kick, and if I can find pineapple or peach salsa that adds some really nice flavor too.
            • Shredded Mexican Cheese
              • Lime (optional)
                • Cilantro (optional)
                  • Avocado (optional)



                  • Place your chick’n of choice in the center of your foil (ideally thawed and not frozen)/li>
                  • Season with chili powder to taste – I like a little heat, so I add about 1.5 Tbs to each./li>
                  • Drain excess liquid out of the can of corn and the can of beans. Split the can of beans and can of corn between the two foil packets, adding on top of the chick’n.
                  • Add salsa on top to taste – I probably use around 1/3 C. per packet
                  • Cover with lime juice (if desired) – again, I like a lot of lime, so I use about 1.5 Tbs each.
                  • Fold up your foil packet and put it on the fire or grill, veggie side down at first. Let cook for 10mins and then flip the packet over and continue to cook for another 10-15mins.
                  • Remove packet from the fire/grill and check to see if the chick’n is done/warm. If so, add some shredded Mexican cheese to the top and close the packet again so that it can melt.
                  • Add avocado and cilantro to taste and enjoy!
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