A movie lover and wine lover’s adventure paradise. Francis Ford Coppola Winery is part vineyard, part fine dining, and part resort. It includes the swimming pool, several bocce ball courts, and the “museum” of film memorabilia. It’s a terrific spot to grab some lunch and a glass of wine, or to spend an afternoon relaxing by the pool!

Directions to Francis Ford Coppola Winery

Located in Sonoma County, the winery is about 75 miles north of San Francisco along Route 101. It’s off a private road just off the highway and is easily accessible for all vehicle types.


There are several great food options at the winery. The Rustic is a superb restaurant with excellent views. The outdoor patio overlooks the vineyard and surrounding valley whereas the indoor dining room feels like you’re in Italy. Great service, lots of great vegetarian food selections and recommendations on wire parings.

On Tuesdays evenings the restaurant offers a special type of service, a tavola, where rather than ordering from the menu, the chef sends plates to your table. There is one fee for the entire meal rather than paying per plate.


This is a winery after all! Coppola is almost as famous for his wines as he is for his movies. There are a variety of different tasting options at the winery. Everything from private tastings to guided tastings, to a typical flight. You can find out more about the available tastings and their pricing here.


One of the most surprising parts about the winery was that they have a pool! You can come and spend they day here in the pool, sipping on wine, and enjoying snacks from the poolside café! The poolside cabanas are available to rent for $170- $250 (prices vary based on the day), but an individual pool pass is only $35 for adults.

Surrounding the pool are a series of bocce ball courts, which are often in play and a great way to make some new friends.

If playing outside isn’t for you, then you can check out all of the film memorabilia inside of the winery. Everything from Don Corleone’s desk from The Godfather, to the original automobile from Tucker: The Man and His Dream, to the costumes from Dracula. The entire winery is elegantly and wonderfully designed around these pieces of film history.

Overall, Francis Ford Coppola Winery is whatever you make it and want it to be! There’s a little something for every movie and wine buff. Great food, great wine, and great places to relax and spend an afternoon. Coppola has created a resort-esk destination that feels like a family community where you are encouraged to spend the day with your friends and is unlike any other vineyard I’ve ever been to.

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