A fun little roadside stop on a beautiful Victoria Beach in Laguna Beach CA. Contrary to it’s name, this 60ft “Pirate Tower”, as it’s affectionately called by the locals, has nothing to do with pirates. In the early 1900s a wealth eccentric would hide gold coins in the tower for the local children which is how the tower got it’s name.


It’s a popular and fun place to stop for a quick picture and enjoy the ocean. As this is an easily accessible attraction, there are often lots of people around Pirate Tower and also on the surrounding beach (yes above photo is edited to remove people).

NOTE: You cannot access the tower during high tide. It’s best to visit the tower as close to low tide as possible to make sure you aren’t left stranded by the ocean.

Getting There

Pirate Tower is off of Route 1 in Laguna Beach, CA.

2713 Victoria Dr, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Park wherever you can – if you’re lucky enough, you can find free street parking along the PCH (route 1).

To access the beach, you’ll need to go down a public stairway at the end of Sunset Terrace on Victoria Drive.


The staircase is just to the left of where Sunset Terrace intersects Victoria Drive. There are two other streets that will also bring you to Victoria Drive (McAulay Place and Nyes Place) will also lead you to the stairway.

Note: The streets around the stairway are all residential streets and are permit parking only.

Once you’ve descended the staircase and reached Victoria Beach, go to the right. Follow the rock cliff around the bend and you’ll shortly see Pirate Tower in front of you.

The tower it’s self is gated shut and not open to the public so you can’t go inside.


Pirate Tower was built in 1926 for William E. Brown, who was a state senator in California’s 37th District. The tower was a private staircase for the family to be able to access the beach below their home.

Later in the 1940s, the property was sold to Harold Kendrick, who was a retired Naval officer. Kendrick would regularly dress up as a pirate and hide coins in and around the tower for neighborhood kids to find, which is how the tower got it’s name of “Pirate Tower”.



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