There are far less options for vegan backpacking food than meat-eater backpacking food…especially if you want something interesting that’s more than just granola, pasta, or rice and beans.


So much of a vegan diet is fresh vegetables, which are difficult to get when you’re on the trail, and which also are heavy and take up lots of space in your pack. So when putting a vegan meal plan together for a backpacking trip, we have to get a little creative.

If you’re not a strict vegan, we have a vegetarian backpacking meal plan available here too.

Putting Together a Vegan Backpacking Meal Plan

There are some brands which have a few options for vegan meals. Once you’ve found one you like, it’s easy just to stick with that brand and see what other options they have. I suggesting bringing at least 2 extra meals than you think you’ll need just to be safe.

Calculate Total Calories Needed Per Day

Backpacking Breakfasts

For a 3-Day Trip, Pick Three!

Strawberries and Banana Paleo Breakfast

Warm strawberries, bananas, walnuts, almonds, and cacao nibs. Just add water and yum! Get it here.


Vegan power egg scramble – rich creamy taste with the texture of real eggs. Light to carry and cooks fast. Get ’em here.

Instant Oatmeal/Cereal

There are quite a few options when it comes to oatmeal. My favorites are:


Pick your favorite pancake mix and put the batter into a bottle or other container to make it easy to carry. Luckily dry pancake mix is very light! Then the morning of, add water and presto! You have pancakes. They’ll be a little small since you’re cooking them on your mess kit, but it’s a quick yummy breakfast option.

Backpacking Lunches & Snacks

Pick and choose and nibble on along the trail or whenever you get hungry.

Meal Bars

Jam packed with all sorts of protein and nutrients. Not exactly the most satisfying, but will keep you moving.

Almonds or Trail Mix

Make it at home to include your favorite stuff or grab something pre-packaged. Great way to keep your sodium up!

Peanut/Almond/Sesame Butter Packets

Super tasty and creamy.

Vegan Jerky

Yes! Vegan jerky! A tasty health and environmental conscious alternative to beef jerky.

Just Veggies Mix

Get your daily serving of veggies! Can be eaten plain or added in with some trail mix or to soup or noodles for dinner. Get them here.

Fruit Crisps & Chips & Dried Fruit

Backpacking Dinners

For a 3-Day Trip, Pick Three!

Good To Go Meals

Love them because they offer several vegan meal options and are all “clean” and “healthy”! Some of my favorites:

Backpacker’s Pantry

Again they have lots of different vegan options that are super tasty. These tend to be a bit more traditional/ comfort food meals which are awesome for when you’ve been hiking for several days straight.

Alpine Aire Meals

Wide variety of different types of foods- everything from smoothies to dinners to snacks & dips! Favorite dinner options:

Backpacking Desserts

Trail Truffles

Oh so good, and won’t melt in your pack if you’re hiking somewhere warm! No refined sugars and no grains. So good you can eat them at home too!

Mango Sticky Rice

A refreshing dessert that could be a great snack or lunch item too if you’re looking for something sweet.

Backpacking Drinks

Instant Coffee

Instant Teas & Lemonades

Unfortunately often very high in sugar and artificial ingredients, but I personally get bored of drinking plain ol’ water. Also, if you’re looking for some libations while on the trail, you can mix this in with Vodka or other alcohol to create a mixed drink.



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