The General Sherman Tree is touted as the “biggest tree in the world”! It’s not really the biggest or the widest tree, but because sequoias are so dense, it’s the largest volume tree. Never the less, it’s still a cool thing to see. One of the stables of The Giant Forest, and the park’s main attraction so if you’re going to be here, you might as well see it.

general Sherman tree


  • Distance: 1/2 mi
  • Type: Loop
  • Time: 20mins
  • Elevation at trailhead:  7,000 feet
  • Elevation Gain/Loss: -200ft
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Crowd Factor: Moderate-High
  • Best Time: June-Aug
  • Permits/Fees: Sequoia National Park Entry Fee: $35
  • Water: No

Directions to the Trail Head

From the east entrance gate on Highway 198 (just past the town of Three Rivers), follow the road for amount an hour. You’ll come to the Giant Forest Museum on your right. Continue to follow the road for another 20mins or so and you’ll see a sign for parking for the General Sherman Tree. It’s off Wolverton Road (between the Sherman Tree and Lodgepole)

Sequoia National Park Fees

  • Individual (on foot or bicycle) – Good for 7 Days: $15
  • Motorcycle – Good for 7 Days: $25
  • Automobile with up to 4 people – Good for 7 Days: $30
  • Death Valley Annual Pass – Good for 1 Year: $50

Recommended Hiking Gear

What To Expect Along The Trail

general Sherman tree

The only reason this is even any sort of walk is because the parking lot is a ways from the tree. There’s really not much to comment on other than the path is wide, paved, and goes down hill for the entire stretch (complete with stairs). This of course means you need to go up the path on the way back.

general Sherman tree

There are wooden guard rails along the path and also surrounding the tree once you get to it. There’s several benches and places to sit and observe the tree and also a plaque that explains why it’s the biggest tree in the world.

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