I’m not a religious person, but this is the smallest, most adorable little chapel you’ll ever see! It’s worth a stop if you’re passing by, but not worth going out of your way for.

What To Expect

The tiny chapel is 8 ft. x 12 ft. on the inside. There are six tiny pews, which are supposedly enough to fit 12 people (if you squeeze in tight!). If you’re tall standing is going to be a bit of a challenge. The church sits in the middle of NOWHERE on the edge of a cotton field. It’s always open and welcome’s visitors year round.

  • Cost: Free
  • Crowd Factor: Light
  • Time: 10mins


It has a bit of a romantic back story to it in that farmer Loren Pratt built it at the edges of his cotton fields in horror of his deceased wife Lois in 1995.

The tiny church was destroyed in 2011 by a freak microburst storm, but an outpouring of donations helped rebuild it to the same dimensions and even replaced the tiny stained glass windows.

This great little roadside attraction is a wonderful stop if you’re passing by and is a heart-warming reminder about the strength of love and community.

Directions to The Tiny Chapel

The chapel is located on the side of S. Ave. 13 E. in Yuma, AZ. There’s nothing around but flat desert, so it’s hard to miss even tho it’s so tiny.

From Yuma: Take exit 12 on I-8. Continue north on Fortuna Rd for 2 miles, then north on US-95 for a little over 5 miles. The church is in the middle of a “field” (which was barren when I visited) to the west of US 95.

There’s a sign on the dirt road that leads to the church reads: “Stop, Rest, Worship.”



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